Saturday, November 13, 2010

Being Creative & CCHC Giveaway

We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals. - Stephen Covey

Hari Jumaat ialah hari yang saya paling suka. 
1st sebab esoknya dah weekend - boleh berehat puas2 kat umah.
2nd sebab boleh pergi keje pakai seluar jeans.
and lastly sebab lunch hour akan jadi panjang - boleh merayap ke shopping complex smntara org lelaki pegi solat jumaat..hehehe

So semalam during lunch hour, me & my officemates merayap ke Amcorp Mall.
Sempat jgk shopping few things. and guess what ape yg sy beli?
jeng jeng jeng.....

yup..books!!! we went to this book store called "Book Xcess" at floor 3 (if i'm not mistaken) and i was so excited to see lots of books at the cheapest & affordable price (especially english novels!). mmg murah gile kalah Kinokuniya kt KLCC tu i tell u ;P. pusing2 satu kedai tu, then i went to this one section (tak igt nama jgk ;P) tapi semua buku2 kat situ psl handmade cards/ gifts, home decoration mcm2 la. n remember i was thinking to d-i-y my wedding card, and by looking at these books at least could give me an idea/inspiration. (biasa la org mcm sy ni tak berapa nak kreatif... kena la wat2 research dulu / belek2 buku dulu.. nak amik mood gitu ;P)

And talking about creative people... Fadzni & Azilah blog owner of Cupcake Craft & Handmade Card are conducting their 1st Giveaway.. and for those who are interested to join.. senang jer.. u just have to follow steps below:

1. Leave your comment & contact details at their giveaway post.
2. Follow their blog

and the winner will get a Tri-Shutter Album!!! Nak tau ape benda tu?

 Ni lah dia - Tri-Shutter Album.

credit pic to CCHC

Kreatif kan diorg? I wish i could get one ;D so readers, tunggu apa lagi!!! join cepat!! mane tau rezeki anda dpt Tri-Shutter Album ni =)

p/s i'm joining too..hehe